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The Sabiha Fund

For families in financial need

A Subsidy Program with a Heart and a History

The Sabiha Fund is a subsidy program for families in need of financial assistance who are searching for a doula. Any family in financial need may apply to the subsidy.  If the application is accepted, the Doula Collective of Newfoundland and Labrador will match the amount needed to hire a doula from the Sabiha Fund, and help pair you up with the best doula for you according to present availability.



Sabiha was a sweet baby girl who could not stay in this world. Her name means, among other things, "a beauty that touches many." Her parents decided to celebrate her life and the gifts she gave them by giving to others. Because they believe so strongly in a woman's right to choose her own birthing scenario, doula accessibility, and supporting family friendly birth culture, they decided this program should be the beneficiary. To honour their patronage and their journey, it is with deepest respect that we have named "The Sabiha Fund."

Taken from the DCNL website.

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